Monday, December 29, 2008

More bat action

The two house bats continue to be entertaining and amazing! (Their names are Boris, he's the grey headed, and Baldrick, he's the black one in the previous post photo, hanging out.) We've been to the local colony in nearby Deagon to see the adults "swarm" off in the evening, when they head out for their evening fruit forage. We saw several thousand flying over town. (This is considered a small colony, as they splintered off from a larger group in Brisbane when they added on to the port area and cut into their habitat.)

The movie was from their first outside session. Boris seemed to enjoy himself while Baldrick held onto his tea towel and didn't seem to like being outside too much. (New sounds and smells, etc.) They are brought out for about ten minutes a day to get used to the great outdoors where they will eventually be released, once they learn to fly. You'll see Boris getting a good stretch of his wings.


  1. I'm probably on the short list of people who like! Those guys are the cutest!! Hope your having fun... your BF

  2. Oh My Gosh! it is soo cool to see the wings!! Blaise asked if they were "vampire bats"! :) AWESOME!!!!