Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fishing Line Collection Bins

You’ve seen the tangled mess that happens when fishing line goes awry. Unfortunately, many fishermen leave this behind or don’t dispose of it properly. There is a program that started in Florida that Jen has adopted with Moreton Bay Coastcare that attempts to manage this problem.

The bins are simple and easily created from PVC pipe and joints. There is, of course, “Some Assembly Required!” Jen got a grant and approval from the local council to make up seven of these collection bins and have them put up at various fishing sites in the local area. I had the pipe lengths cut to size for me at the hardware store, so all it involved was the gluing process and stickers. The bottom fitting has a screw-on cap that can be removed for emptying out the contents.

Once they are out in the field, the hope is that the fishing line will indeed get deposited in them, and hopefully not cans of beer, bait bags or worse...We are planning on drilling a small hole in the top of each one so that a rod can be used to push any contents out that might be jammed. They also need a drill hole in the bottom for any water that collects to easily drain.


  1. Nicely done Sarah! Excellent design!! Simple to make simple to install and simple to maintain!! Bravo to all of you.

  2. Hello Sarah!

    It turns out you area natural blogger. Great job keeping your postings diverse and interesting.

    I was not sure how to reach you other than this site, so will request that you visit another blog called 'Update on Andrea'. Not sure how in touch you are with the Patagonia crew, so, wanted to make sure you were kept abreast of Andrea's condition.