Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ibis Abound

I thought I would take advantage of a clear day and take some pics of the area around here. I was able to capture an Ibis at work, checking around the picnic area for tidbits. I’m currently staying in Shorncliffe, a quiet little town right on Bramble Bay, which is a smaller bay within the larger Moreton Bay area. In about a week, I’ll be moving about seven miles up the road, and my commute will be along a flat bikeway which includes a trip across a bridge called the Hornibrook Bridge, which used to be the main thoroughfare. The bridge closed to traffic in 1979 with the opening of the adjacent Houghton Highway Bridge. Hornibrook is now strictly for pedestrians, bicyclists and recreational fishing.

Along the bikeway, I’ve seen some fine examples of Queensland architecture. The houses were built up on poles for ventilation, in addition to getting the house as far as possible from ground-dwelling termites! They also typically have wrap-around verandas and plenty of windows for cross-through ventilation. Corrugated iron roofs are common as well. It is funny how some of the places have been renovated with stucco and tile roofs…could be a beach town in California if you didn’t know better! I prefer the original architecture myself.

Getting ready to start work in earnest tomorrow with Jen and I’m looking forward to it. It has been nice to be “on holiday” for the week, but I’m ready to get things started.


  1. OK...get back to work you slacker..he he. :-D

  2. you didn't bring your bike did you? sounds like you are in your element :)