Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama-mania Down Under

It has been interesting to see the reaction to our recent presidential election while living here. The headlines and opinion pages have been filled with comments and observations that are eye-opening and spot on. It turns out the rest of the world is just as interested in the next president as we are! I know of several other folks over here that also got up at 2:30am local time to tune into the inauguration. Although we taped it here, Jennifer still got up with me to watch it happening live, along with the bats, who were very excited that someone else in the house was being nocturnal. See Baldrick in the foreground of the TV this morning!

I had the pleasure of speaking on Skype to my whole family, pictured here, as they gathered to watch the event in Fairfax along with a 6' Obama cut out of cardboard. It was fun to share the experience with my family back home.

I am super excited about the prospects of the future and proud once again to admit I’m an American when I’m overseas.


  1. I watched on a BIG BIG screen with 200 cheering and cry n university folks.... me being one of them! It was funny every time the camera paned Bush a low but pronounced Boo emanated from the mass. Go O.....go O :-O

  2. Sween! that is cool tht you could experience it with your family! It truly was amazing and emotional! Hey I have Skype too! I am surwahine enter my name or my e-mail to get me on your address and we can skype each other. Mindy has it too! I've talked with her a bunch at Big Bear also my cousins in Ireland. Let's do it soon!